Web Exclusive

Wearables Talk With Taraynn Lloyd

Wearables caught up with Taraynn Lloyd of Edwards Garment (asi/51752) to chat about what new services the supplier is offering to distributor and decorator customers, the most nurturing company culture to work in, and the best advice she has ever received.

What was the most meaningful trip you’ve ever taken? Did you learn any life-altering lessons that you’ve applied to your personal or professional life ever since?
TL: Standing in the middle of the World War II monument in Washington, DC was life changing for me. I learned that no matter what challenges or obstacles you face in your personal or professional life, you just need to persevere.

If you had to describe yourself using three words, it would be… 
TL: Engaging, Technician, Fun

Share your biggest current challenge you’re experiencing at work.
TL: My team and I just implemented a cloud-based digital asset management system. We trained, and then developed our product in six weeks. The outcome is that our distributor and decorator customers can now access all our photos when they need them.  

What’s the single most significant factor, that your organization controls, that’s fueling your success?
TL: At Edwards, people matter and leadership fosters an environment that is healthy, fun and safe for our associates. Our culture believes and promotes work-life balance, which allows us to be successful.  

What’s the best business-related compliment you’ve received?
TL: People tell me daily that I’m having too much fun. 

What’s your company doing well that you’re really proud of?
TL: Edwards takes risks so that our distributor and decorator clients don’t have to. I’m most proud of this fact. How does it benefit the industry? It benefits the industry because we create career and uniform apparel that makes it easy for our customers to sell. Their success is our success.

What’s the biggest opportunity for the decorated-apparel market right now? The biggest challenge or obstacle?
TL: There are so many great options for decoration services today. Edwards just implemented our new heat-transfer and heat-seal services, and the possibilities are mind-boggling. 

What’s one sentence you’d like to hear from your boss?
TL: "Great job!"

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
TL: "Whatever you do in life, do it because you believe you can make a difference."