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The Perfect Banner For Every Situation

To close a sale, you need to direct your client to the perfect solution for their needs. Banners are a popular promotional product, but you need to make sure you’re recommending the exact right product.

Here’s how to expertly tailor banners to your clients based on their individual needs. We’ll cover the existing conditions, what to pitch, selling points to highlight and everything else you need to close that sale!

Windy Days

Be careful: Never cut slits into a vinyl banner – you’ll weaken it.
What to pitch: A 9-oz. small-hole mesh banner.
Selling points: Interwoven fibers allow wind to pass through, reducing strain and increasing the life of the banner.
Don’t forget: Ask if the customer needs a display stand and choose one intended to withstand high wind.

Outside for the Long Haul

Good fit for: Clients in construction, businesses near beaches, auto dealerships – any customer with full-time outdoor needs will benefit with a lower cost per impression.
What to pitch: Go for a heavy-duty 18-oz. vinyl.
Selling points: This tear- and abrasion-resistant, waterproof, semi-gloss vinyl has a 1000 x 1000 denier count.

Uncertain Where?

What to pitch: Go with the most versatile option, like Wholesale Banner Online’s durable 13-oz. standard vinyl banner.
Selling points: It has scrim reinforcement, is built tough for outdoor use, has vibrant colors and a print quality sharp enough for close viewing.

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