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4 Easy Steps To Become A Banner Expert

You see banners every day as you drive down the street posted at car lots, in front of restaurants, in bank lobbies and at shopping malls. Selling opportunities abound, but do you know the more intricate details of a banner? There are so many on the market, and to win the sale you must be an expert seller who really knows the anatomy of a banner. Here’s the lowdown on what hangs high.

1. Determine the square footage of the banner that will best fit your client’s needs.
This is the height times the width of material space. Work with a banner supplier expert that can fully customize a banner solution, creating a one-of-a-kind display that will showcase your customer’s brand or message for years. Typically, the pricing on such a project is charged by the square foot. Example: 3' x 5' banner = 15 square feet.

2. Ask about use.
Will the banner be used indoors or outdoors? This matters a great deal. An expert banner provider will offer materials fit for the intended environment. For example, a banner planned for use at a windy beachside restaurant would be best made with a 9-oz. small-hole mesh vinyl material that’s comprised of interwoven fibers, allowing wind to pass through the fabric, reducing strain and increasing the banner’s life.

3. Discuss finishing options.
Just like a garment has finishing items, like zippers and buttons, a banner does too. Here, you need to point out to your client details such as grommets, straps, hems and multicolor choices. Take care to watch for hidden fees here. Any embellishment or finishing item, even if it’s essential to an otherwise basic product, can possibly incur an extra charge, depending on the supplier. Wholesale Banners Online has no hidden finishing fees!

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