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My Secret to Winning a Half-Million-Dollar Order

It is by no accident that Carolyn Schena, owner of Proforma Image & Design in Bloomfield Hills, MI, was able to secure an order worth more than $500,000 with a leading international technology company.

Carolyn’s customer, based out of North America and Europe, needed to deliver custom gifts to over 9,000 employees located in more than 50 countries. Carolyn presented Proforma’s international shipping and fulfillment capabilities to the client and demonstrated how she would be able to assist them through every step of their program. The company awarded Carolyn the business, which resulted in custom gift bags, along with a combination of food, hard goods and apparel. Each product had to be shipped separately to follow customs guidelines and to arrive simultaneously to all employees across multiple time zones.

“The only reason I could provide the comprehensive solution that I did for this company was because of Proforma,” said Carolyn. “I don’t believe there is anyone out there but Proforma that could help make large, international, complex orders like this come to fruition. From the quote, to warehousing and production and fulfillment in different countries, Proforma’s team was there to support me the entire way.”

Proforma’s preferred supplier discounts gave Carolyn the leverage she needed to outbid her competition. In all, she shipped 150,000 products and used 15 different vendors. Proforma’s preferred network pricing, along with the experience and expertise of the dedicated strategic development team at Proforma’s Support Center, contributed to the success of the order. “It is Proforma’s strategic partners that are the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ for me,” said Carolyn.

So what’s the real secret that sealed the over $500,000 deal for Carolyn? ProFreight. ProFreight is Proforma’s proprietary tool for enabling Proforma Owners to instantly estimate freight charges while accessing the most significant price discounts from leading shippers. Proforma has unmatched preferred pricing relationships with FedEx, UPS and a number of LTL carriers that no other distributor has, which allow our members to leverage up to 70% savings to secure more business and larger orders. “The savings that I was able to deliver on freight won the order for me. None of my competitors have the pricing advantages on freight that Proforma has,” said Carolyn.

Carolyn’s customers were so impressed with their experience working with Proforma that it has already led to even larger opportunities for her. “Our preferred suppliers, strategic partner development team and ProFreight are a winning combination,” says Carolyn. “No one else can compete with Proforma. We will always be at the forefront of the industry.”

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