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A Custom Wearable Everyone Will Love

What do your socks say about you?

Customized socks are a fun and comfy way to build your client’s brand message from the ground up. In recent years, the commodity staple 
has evolved into an eye-catching fashion statement, with this market segment outpacing the apparel industry’s overall growth.

Plain white socks are out. Fun socks that say something about the wearer are in.

Whether peeking out from beneath a business suit, or on full display in a high school basketball game, socks tell a lot about who’s wearing them – and provide endless opportunities for customization. No Sweat Specialties is expert at matching the right style, design and features to help brands get the most mileage out of their marketing efforts.

“People usually brand from the waist up,” says Santana Fulp, director of sales and marketing at No Sweat Specialties. “Our socks are an expansion of the wearable category and offer another way for brands to step up their game, beyond the go-to T-shirt.”

Read on to learn how to match the right branded sock with virtually any client in any industry.

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