Make Products Safer

You have one less thing to worry about when you source plastic goods. Here’s why.

A new formulation for plastic called DPMFlex now meets or exceeds CA Prop 65 and CPSIA standards, making it easier for distributors to source safe plastic and vinyl products for their clients’ programs. Domino Plastics Manufacturing Inc. has been providing vinyl and plastic solutions for over 20 years, making items like document sleeves, ticket holders and zipper pouches from these materials.

Neil Conway, president of Domino Plastics, has been pursuing a better alternative for the last five years, and is committed to bringing DPMFlex to the market. “I’m relieved and encouraged that our customers don’t have to worry anymore,” he says. Not only does DPMFlex meet or exceed CA Prop 65 and CPSIA, it’s REACH-compliant, meeting European standards. Furthermore, Domino Plastics tests each lot of the material it receives and has the actual documentation from the lab so customers can see confirmation online and download certification for themselves to share with their clients.

Conway hopes demand for DPMFlex grows quickly. “The more mills converting to this material, the better,” he says. In fact, he plans to sell DPMFlex to any of his competitors that want to switch to the safer medium for their plastic and vinyl products.

Educating yourself is imperative. This is where the experts can help. To educate the public, Conway has written a white paper explaining the research regarding the health and safety of DPMFlex (it’s available at\ingo\DPMFlex.html).

Not only does DPMFlex meet or exceed CA Prop 65 and CPSIA, but it’s REACH-compliant, meeting European standards.

With this information, you can make a convincing case to your customers to choose DPMFlex products. Other benefits: The price point is reasonable, just a tenth of a percent higher than traditional plastics. The clarity and quality isn’t compromised. “These materials don’t look significantly different,” Conway says. Lastly, the unpleasant and toxic outgassing odors of ortho-phthalates are no longer an issue.

Domino Plastics works with everyone from the largest retail and government agencies – Walmart, Borders, Kroger and Boeing – to the smallest distributor, supplying only a few pieces for a promotional campaign. Though it’s a U.S.-based company, Domino has a global reach; its plastic and vinyl products and services are provided worldwide. With over 1,000 dies and growing, it has built a business on meeting the most precise plastic needs.

Here are three more ways to make sure you choose the best material from wherever you source.

  1. Stay informed. CA Prop 65 and CPSIA regulations are focused on the safety of the materials we use every day, similar to BPA in water bottles. Choose manufacturers like Domino Plastics that closely follow requirements and work with their film manufacturers to meet or exceed these regulations.
  2. Focus on safety for yourself and your clients. “One needs only to consider recent and ongoing litigation over various products from China,” Conway says. “I don’t mean to convey that all products are safe or unsafe, but we work to ensure our products are safe and durable for all users down the line.” Doing so protects end-users and safeguards advertisers’ reputations.
  3. Think beyond a competitive price. Cheap wins the day for those one-time engagements, but Domino has built relationships with clients that span decades. Conway explains, “We want to make sure our clients get the best product for their application at a competitive price point.”

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