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Score Add-On Sales

10 great ideas for complementary label sales.

How many of these top 10 ESP products do you sell to your clients?

A recent search in ESP found that the top 10 products distributors researched for their clients’ promotional programs were classics – WEARABLES, DRINKWARE and WRITING INSTRUMENTS, for example. What do these results have to do with labels?

A LOT. Each represents an opportunity for an ADD-ON SALE. Sometimes you can open the door to a whole NEW LINE OF SALES by asking a simple question or making a useful suggestion.

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APPAREL sales are frequently for uniforms. If your target market is manufacturing, take that as a clue. Though garments themselves may not need labels, the materials, equipment, products and paperwork in an industrial setting need consecutive number and barcode labels as well as UL labels. These must be durable with long-term, high-tack adhesive and meet UL standards.

PENS are common for every type of program or market. Key among them are service industries such as legal, financial, insurance and real-estate providers. They represent an abundant opportunity for label sales, using them for shipping, asset/loss control, facility management and custom stamps to date or notarize materials.

LANYARDS are usually paired with name badges for trade show use or employee identification. Show your clients how simple it is to provide customized name and consecutively numbered labels.

BAGS also are popular trade show gifts used to hand out samples and product flyers. Turn them into part of a well-rounded promotion beginning with an invitation delivered in a mysterious bag. Visit the booth and an AnyShape label replicating the new product is adhered to the bag filled with product information. The label is also imprinted with variable data for a prized drawing at the end of the trade show.

MUGS have long been a favored promotional gift that cuts across markets and demographics. Since they’re used daily, suggest a repositionable label with a quarterly calendar highlighting key dates or goals. Each quarter, the user peels the old calendar label and replaces it with a new one. The mug becomes an interactive reminder to start fresh daily.

T-SHIRTS are ideal for schools and spirit clubs. While you’re selling them, talk to organizers about bumper stickers, championship stickers, award labels and season calendars. AnyShape labels are a fun way to highlight mascots.

WATER BOTTLES make an appearance at many events – think festivals, concerts, walkathons and marathons. Causes and the sponsors that support them rely on durable labels to generate awareness, so choose labels that withstand excessive handling and cold or wet conditions.

GOLF CLUBS and pro shops need more than golf products. As organizations and retailers, they need labels for packaging, special events and membership identification. In addition, talk with these clients about logistical labels for tracking equipment, parking passes and facility access cards.

HEADWEAR is often used in automotive and trucking promotions. These industries use labels that must be heat- and weather-resistant, withstand harsh fluids and adhere to rough surfaces. Offer labels for parts identification, service reminders, reflective safety, bumper stickers, dealership contact information and more.

USB PRODUCTS, such as flash drives, tie into programs with a technology angle. Within the health-care industry, there’s a need for electronic management of medical supplies and patient records. Relevant products would be barcode labels, tamper evident labels, patient care labels and more.

You’re not in it alone. You can choose an experienced partner like Discount Labels to guide you through the technical aspects of labels.

Case Study

College System Curbs Fraud With Unique Parking Permits

The Challenge: A state university system needed a way to issue unique parking permits that were fraud-proof and could be inventoried for better management and controls.

The Solution: Discount Labels printed durable two-sided parking permits with barcode and backside printing for better identification and inventory control. The labels were printed in less than a week to meet the client’s aggressive deadlines.

Other products universities commonly use include bumper stickers, spirit sheets, T-shirts, headwear and drinkware.