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Unique Products For Any Application

With the right products and customization, you can help any client represent any place, anyone or anything.


With the right products and customization, you can help any client represent any place, anyone or anything.

That’s the genius of neoprene and foam products. Foam has long been known to easily bend, form to shape and reliably insulate. Neoprene offers durability, cushioning, softness, weatherproofing, flexibility, printability and thermoregulation, making it an excellent choice for applications that require protective measures and long wear, yet are lightweight and unobtrusive.

The experts at Cooler Graphics make it happen. Known for its patented Slap Wrap & Go Beverage Insulator, the manufacturer specializes in the creation of anything made of foam or neoprene.

The supplier offers a stable of stock products ready to decoratively customize. Even better, because foam and neoprene are easily cut and shaped, many of the stock items are unique, so you can offer a custom-looking solution in a short amount of time.

Whether your client is the local mechanic, a sizable law firm, a national sports team or a revered university, there’s a creative, effective and affordable solution in neoprene and foam products.

Read on for unique product and application ideas to share with your customers.

Because foam and neoprene products are lightweight, they’re easy and inexpensive to mail or hand out in large quantities. Get creative and imprint an event invitation on a Slap Wrap & Go or Cool-Apsible Beverage Insulator. These are also practical giveaways at trade shows, festivals, concerts and awareness walkathons/marathons, and will be used during and long after the event. For outdoor events, Insect Repellent Bug Ban Bracelets are comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Neoprene beverage coolers make great giveaways at events like trade shows and concerts where beverages will be served.

Bright, useful and easy to pack are all important attributes for souvenirs. Neoprene cup coolers, wine totes, mousepads and coaster sets can be imprinted in beautiful full-color scenes that remind travelers of their vacation. A neoprene wrist band is perfect for resort identification and that doubles as a wearable memory of the trip.

A colorfully imprinted mousepad will remind recipients of their great vacation while back at the office.

Beverage insulators are a key product for retailers. Offering unique styles will give you an edge. A patented Hoodie Collapsible Beverage Insulator looks just like a hooded sweatshirt with a zipper. It’s a great seller for college bookstores, youth lifestyle brands, outdoor merchandisers and more.

A Hoodie Collapsible Beverage Insulator is a fantastic seller among college students, outdoor enthusiasts and more.

Whether for a product launch or a sales event, offering an item that replicates a brand’s image is a winner. Typically that’s only available as a completely custom option, but there’s a close alternative. Shaped Slap Beverage Wraps come in many stock styles, including bottles, cars, motorcycles, fish, guitars, sunglasses and more. When custom decorated with your client’s artwork, you can replicate brand packaging. Custom shapes can also be made.


Shaped Cool-Apsible Foam Beverage Sleeves come in a variety of stock designs – house, palm tree, awareness ribbon, football, basketball, car, mustache, pumpkin, Santa, shamrock and more. There’s something for almost any market or event from real estate to St. Patrick’s Day.

Challenge clients to give you their most vexing problem. What is it they’ve longed to fix or find? If it can be made of foam or neoprene, you can deliver because Cooler Graphics has a unique stock solution ready to distinctively decorate, or it can design and produce the perfect product.

Cooler Graphics is a U.S.-based manufacturer of foam and neoprene products with more than 50 employees and over 75,000 square feet of production space. A full array of the latest automatic and manual screen-printing, sublimation and die-cutting equipment ensures your product will be delivered on time with the quality, unmatched imprinting and customer service distributors have come to know.

To learn more, visit www.coolergraphics.com.

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