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5 Ways to Boost End-of-Year Sales

As your sales finish comes down to the wire for 2016, it’s important to make the most of your time and win every order. Here are five proven tips from the experts at BCG.

1. Present New Ideas. Often, the product itself can inspire you. For example, unique products like hybrid keychains can be used to announce the grand opening of a new store or office location. Choose products made with unusual materials, such as hybrid coasters made of bamboo and food-grade silicone, for executive holiday gifts. These will stand out from the typical end-of-year gift. Each can be individually engraved for no extra charge.

2. Fill Last-Minute Holiday Orders with 24-Hour Service. You will inevitably have customers call in need of gift orders with a tight turnaround. The ability to fill those orders on the spot will definitely boost your bottom line. Know which suppliers have your back. Keep a “favorites” list of resources that provide 24-hour products. BCG offers last-minute custom laser-engraved products made of wood, anodized aluminum and crystal.

3. Create Gift Kits. Kitting allows you to customize your gift recommendation to the recipient or the occasion. For example, create a golf kit as a welcome gift for a sales conference held at a golf resort. It could include a bag tag, hat clip and divot tool. Planning gifts from a tech brand? Create a tech kit. Include a brand-logoed phone bungee, micro grip clip and fiberclean.

4. Plan 2017 Campaigns. Help your clients kick off the new year with positive promotions. Ask about their plans for the first quarter. Are they attending trade shows, introducing new products, announcing new services or celebrating a milestone? Choose a one-stop source for lanyards, name badges and giveaways to streamline purchasing. Now is the time to find out your clients’ needs and to order promotional items for January occasions and announcements.

5. Remind Clients of Their Employees. In the flurry of fourth-quarter activity, employees are often overworked and in need of recognition. Make it easy for your clients to say thanks. Present gift ideas and awards that are useful and/or special. When choosing an award item, such as a medal or lapel pin, work with an experienced manufacturer who has a variety of decorative options, metals and materials. These can be as intricate or as simple, quick and budget-friendly as your client needs them to be.

FOUNDED IN 1981, BCG has become a leader in metal casting, emblematics and manufacturing of promotional products. The five-star ASI-rated manufacturer has sold millions of lapel pins, medals, coins, keychains, ornaments and more over decades of service. This family-owned and -operated business will help you find the most profitable solutions and products to make your end-of-year sales goals. Visit www.bcgcreations.com or call (877) 787-4746.