Premium Branded Apparel With Retail Appeal

American Apparel has brand recognition to meet your clients’ demand for premier apparel. Show the value of a fashionable garment that’s designed, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles.

Half of promotional apparel buyers are looking for garments they see at retail, according to the 2016 Wearables Sales Forecast. They want the same style, quality and brand names. With American Apparel, you can deliver. Its garments are made in the USA in an efficient and socially responsible way with a strong retail presence. “Our garments are American-made, from start to finish,” says John Espiritu, spokesperson for American Apparel. “Our factory is the largest sewing facility in North America, employing 4,500 skilled workers. We visit our sewing factory every single day, because we work there.”

The skilled, creative employees work closely together to produce a garment collection that has appeal both at retail and wholesale. The vertically integrated manufacturer is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles with 2,600 employees producing 90,000 T-shirts per day. Nearby are American Apparel’s own knitting factory, employing 50 artisans; denim factory with 750 employees producing 1,000 jeans per day; and its dyeing/finishing plant with 500 employees who process 300,000 pounds of fabric per week. In total, American Apparel operates in 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space. The result is a premier fashion basic collection that has retail recognition both in the U.S. and abroad.

These facts are important for you and your clients to know because they reflect how American Apparel operates. It vertically integrates manufacturing, distribution and creative within a few square miles to increase its efficiency. The proximity between its factories simplifies and speeds production while reducing its manufacturing footprint. American Apparel offers more styles, sizes and colors than any other blank garment manufacturer in North America. Its wholesale products come in more than 80 colors, making it easy to match a hue that is just what your client wants. If a client sees a garment at retail and wants to order it, just talk with one of American Apparel’s customer service reps for pricing and ordering information.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in American Apparel’s online wholesale catalog, you may want to consider placing a private-label order. Because the supplier does all of its manufacturing in-house, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom orders, including the ability to use custom patterns, stitching, colors and fabrics. Your custom products can be based on one of American Apparel’s existing products, or can be designed specifically for your client.

In addition, you can always rest easy knowing that a garment from American Apparel is made in a socially responsible way. Many American Apparel products are required to be certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This commission works to protect the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from different types of consumer products. You can search for a product and download its CPSC Certificate or Certificate of Exemption to share with your client, though not all products are required to have a certificate.

Sell your clients on the value of socially responsible and safe apparel. Many buyers work for companies with vendor policies aimed at purchasing from brands that treat their employees fairly and have concern for the environment. It’s important for any garment carrying a company’s name to positively reflect the company brand it carries. Tell your clients that American Apparel’s garment workers are the highest paid in the world. They can earn in excess of $30,000 annually and receive comprehensive health care and benefits. Its garments are created by fairly paid professionals who take pride in making a living doing what they do. When you choose American Apparel, you’re not simply buying a garment, but making a choice to support ethical domestic manufacturing and quality.

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