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5 Tips For Selling To Millenials

Millennials are particular about their promotional apparel. Here are the reasons why – and how you can appeal to them.

We constantly hear about millennials in the media, but who exactly are they?

Millennials are today’s 18- to 34-year-olds. They were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Many baby boomers have either children or nieces and nephews who are millennials. Still, it’s important not to think of Gen Y as “just kids.” They have tremendous say in today’s promotional trends, due in large part to their $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Younger Gen Yers are also graduating from college and moving up the ranks in the workplace. Millennials know what they want. The question you need to ask is, do you know what they want and how to give it to them?

Don’t be ashamed if you can’t answer that question; we’re here to help. A fashion basic is promotional apparel that follows a retail trend. More specifically, these pieces are soft, lightweight and fit well. Millennials go crazy for fashion basics, especially if they’re made from sustainable materials and come from a brand with a smart social media presence. And, really, those criteria fall in line with what millennials like in general. Alternative Sales Expert Sierra Burge has lots of great tips for selling fashion basics in today’s millennial market. Here are five (and what they mean):

1. Millennials want comfortable, stylish apparel.
Standard promotional apparel won’t appeal to the average millennial, even if it’s free at a cool festival or other event. More often than not, they want the aforementioned fashion basics. It’s worth your time to heed the call, because millennials will wear a product more often if they like it. The more often that product gets worn, the more impressions the product receives. That lessens the cost per impression, whether the product in question is a fashion basic tee or tank top. Because of this, the shirt becomes a more effective marketing piece. So, make your apparel comfortable and stylish, just as today’s hottest retail apparel is.

2. Millennials value individuality and authenticity.
Millennials don’t only embrace their individual differences, they want to wear them on their sleeve, sometimes literally. That’s why they admire things like unusual decoration placements. Think a logo placed down a pant leg or on the hemline. Don’t be afraid to go over a seam on a sleeve or pocket.

Along with the idea of individuality, millennials believe in authenticity. The vast majority of millennials think of their friends as more credible than traditional advertising. They’re also more likely to buy from companies they consider ethical and not just focused on making money. Make your (and your suppliers’) sustainable and charitable practices known, because millennials care about them.

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