Power 50 Podcast: Ross Silverstein, iPROMOTEu

In this fourth installment of the Counselor Podcast: Power 50 Series, Ross Silverstein explains why he thinks a severely disruptive environment is coming to the promotional products market. “Technology is making it easier for companies to come into this market, and companies will do what’s in their best interest to thrive rather than just bowing to traditions,” said Silverstein, CEO of Top 40 distributor iPROMOTEu. “This will cause disruption and that’s ok. But it will be difficult for companies to survive if they don’t provide meaningful value to customers.”

Also in this podcast, Silverstein details his predictions for what the promotional products landscape will look like in 10 years. “There will be,” he said, “fewer supplier and a lot fewer independent distributors. Consolidation is coming in a big way.” Plus, Silverstein explains why the books Who Moved My Cheese and I’d Like the World to Buy a Coke are so important to his management philosophies.

In this series of podcasts, Counselor talks to some of the most influential people in the promo products market – the members of the 2015 Power 50. Leading up to the announcement of the exclusive Power 50 in November, Counselor is catching up with various members of the list to gauge their views of the market.

What's their outlook for the industry? What's the top challenge that promo companies face today? What tech item can these top influencers simply not live without? All that – and more – takes place in these one-on-one in-depth conversations.

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