Promo Leaders to Raise Awareness in DC

PPAI’s Legislative Education and Action Day (LEAD) is being held next Wednesday, May 16, in Washington, D.C., giving the promotional industry a platform to boost awareness and call attention to issues important to the market. Specifically, industry advocates will meet with members of Congress and federal agencies to spotlight the value of promo products in an ever-changing domestic and global climate.

“As the states and the federal government struggle with creating balanced budgets and finding new revenue sources, promotional products are occasionally drawn into the crossfire,” wrote Paul Bellantone, president and CEO of PPAI, in a Legislative Agenda notice. “In some cases, the purchases of promotional products are scrutinized because of a lack of awareness about the industry and the medium and the effectiveness of these branded advertising solutions. It is our mission to ensure that all lawmakers understand that promotional products are the most cost-effective way to deliver education, motivate, inspire and create awareness.”

Among the topics being addressed next week are: protecting and preserving the interests of small businesses and encouraging policies that drive innovation and entrepreneurship; creating a tax climate that rewards small businesses; supporting trade agreements and adapting the global supply chain to ensure ease of international operations; balancing risk and reason in product responsibility; and ensuring the promotional products industry remains vibrant and dynamic.

Charles Machion, senior VP and senior counsel for ASI, has joined the industry delegation on Capitol Hill for four years. “For change to occur, you need to be at the table, making your voice heard,” Machion wrote in a blog post. “And that’s precisely the goal of the industry members who travel to Washington, D.C., to visit legislators and talk to them firsthand about issues like free trade and import taxes – which could have a real impact on the way suppliers and distributors do business in coming years.”

For the schedule of LEAD activities, click here.

As part of the LEAD effort, PPAI is encouraging everyone in the industry to make their voices heard. Those who can’t attend meetings in D.C. can still support legislative efforts by participating in virtual fly-ins. Each day next week will feature a separate message to share with elected officials. Click here for more information, details on key issues and advocacy goals.