Snapchat Gains Popularity for Ad Campaigns

A recent study by Cowen and Company found that senior ad buyers in the United States plan to begin advertising on Snapchat more than on any other social media platform in 2016. Snapchat ranked at the top for new social media advertising, with 22% of respondents stating they plan to advertise on it this year, followed by Instagram and Pinterest at a distant 12% and Tumblr at 10%. However, 39% of respondents stated that they do not intend to spend more of their ad budgets on social media marketing.

Snapchat’s claim to fame is a feature that’s proven hugely attractive to Millennials: It deletes the photos and short videos—kept to a maximum of 10 seconds—taken within the app after the media has been viewed by the user’s chosen recipients.

Fresh social media platforms that appeal to younger demographics are gaining momentum among marketers. In a September 2015 study by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, 72% of respondents cited Instagram as a platform worthy of ad budget spend, followed by Pinterest at 41% and Snapchat at 36%.