Starbucks Recalls Millions of Steel Straws

Starbucks has recalled nearly 3 million stainless-steel straws due to injuries to young children. Four reports of mouth lacerations to young children while drinking have been reported. The straws were manufactured in China and imported directly by Starbucks. In a statement, Starbucks advised consumers to not allow children to handle or use the straws.

The straws were packaged and sold in sets of three and also as part of stainless-steel beverage cups that came in two sizes (16 and 24 ounces). The straws feature a ridge at the bottom that keep them attached to lid of the cups. Starbucks sold the straws at its stores and online from June 2012 to June 2016, charging $6 for a set of three straws. The stainless-steel cups were sold for between $11 and $30. The vast majority of the straws (2.5 million) were sold in the U.S. with an additional 300,000 sold in Canada.

Product 5757 from Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125), a 16-oz. stainless-steel cup with straw, previously featured a stainless-steel straw. The supplier replaced the steel straw with a plastic one.

K&R New York (asi/63770) and Canada-based ESP Promo (asi/63855) both offer a 22-oz. stainless-steel mason jar with a stainless-steel straw. Guy Malk, vice president of marketing for the St. Regis Group of Companies (which acquired K&R and ESP in June), said the companies have had no complaints about the steel straws or the product since it was first offered at the beginning of 2015. The suppliers do offer a free change to a silicone straw for customers, but most have opted to stick with the steel straw. “In our experience, customers love this product and haven’t had any issues with it at all,” Malk said. In light of the recall, he said St. Regis and the supplier companies will evaluate the product and determine if any future changes need to be made.