No. 44: PromoShop, Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes PromoShop a great place to work!

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Rank: 44
PromoShop (asi/300446)

Los Angeles, CA
Employees: 103

Company Culture: “In order to get the best picture of our organization’s culture, I turned to a few employees to survey their thoughts. One of the employees’ responses seemed to sum up the collective responses: ‘I see the PromoShop culture similar to what you hear about more modern business practices like Google. It’s very young at heart and always looking for creative ways to keep up productivity and motivation. Everyone is friendly and forgiving and focused on a creating a stress-free atmosphere.’”

Why People Love to Work Here: “The number-one reason people love to work for PromoShop is the culture. Our owner, Memo Kahan, sets a standard that trickles down and penetrates the entire organization. He is the highest of achievers, bright and caring, high-level, yet he never sacrifices the genuine kindness. Memo has time for everyone in the organization – for a discussion about someone’s personal life to becoming a business mentor. This tone sets the stage for an organization that is filled to the brim with genuine affection for one another. The employees become such a closely knit group that the days begin to feel like spending them with family.”

Recent Culture Initiatives: “We rolled out a truly integrated wellness plan to refocus our energy on bettering the whole lives of our employees. We provide opportunities to join in football games, various exercise practices, a sponsored meditation class at no charge as well as a weight loss opt-in program called Naturally Slim, where different employees worked together as support buddies to work on their weight goals. The buddy system also translated into a work buddy that is available to encourage and work together with you with any aspect at hand that is work-related.”– Katy Alavez, human resources manager