No. 41: Brand Fuel, Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes Brand Fuel a great place to work!

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Rank: 41
Brand Fuel (asi/145025)

Morrisville, NC
Employees: 23

Why People Love to Work Here: “People love working at Brand Fuel because we have a creative, fast-paced environment where quality work is respected and a sense of community and reciprocity is nurtured in almost everything we do. All managers have an open-door policy (100% accessible), and strive to maintain a ‘work with, not for’ philosophy. We’re also continuously striving for that healthy work/life balance, and Fuelians appreciate that.”

Perks and Benefits: “A few unique perks include flex and remote work options, Valentine’s Day off, the ability to volunteer in the community without using PTO, and Wednesday’s 4 Hours of Silence for productivity. We also have the requisite lunches, parties, beer, music and the like, yet it is our mission to try and include Fuelians in the planning and execution of whatever we do.”

Fun Things: “Regular potlucks to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays are always a blast and usually come with a twist such as pranks or creatively made or titled concoctions. We strongly believe in continuing education, so we take our team to Orlando and/or Vegas for trade shows and camaraderie. Our employees are on teams that have a financial stipend to deliver bimonthly wellness activities such as picnics with kayaking, nonprofit ‘BrandGood’ activities or trips to museums to learn about the making of glass-blown rockets. We are not afraid to take field trips or dress up on Halloween and confuse and delight the staff and guests at our local Waffle House. Chili cook-off contests with clients as judges are fun – until we hear about the chili ingredients.” – Danny Rosin, co-owner and co-president