No. 38: Custom Logos, Best Places to Work 2016

Counselor honors the top industry workplaces through an exclusive survey and rankings. Find out what makes Custom Logos a great place to work!

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Rank: 38
Custom Logos (asi/173183)

San Diego, CA
Employees: 63

Why People Love to Work Here: “Flexibility and casual yet professional atmosphere. We are very understanding of people’s personal needs, and always work to accommodate them. We have a great time every day. Everyone is treated with respect and the rules are the same for all staff members, regardless of pay grade or background. Our company motto is ‘Have Fun, Make Money,’ and we are truly dedicated to doing both. Our dress code is strictly casual and there is almost no bureaucracy to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Our people are the biggest asset and we do our best to make sure they know it. When you work with us, you end up working alongside some of your best friends. Most of our staff spends a lot of time together outside of the office; most people feel that working at Custom Logos doesn’t seem like work at all.”

Perks and Benefits: “Our staff enjoys the resources and structure of a large company with the benefit of working for a small family-run business. All staff has complete access to management and the company owners, and personal favors are commonplace. For instance, we regularly give interest-free loans to any staff member who asks, and there is virtually no limit on what we will do to help our people. We have made auto loans, loans (in one case $25,000) to help people purchase/remodel houses, etc. We encourage our employees to take time off and we understand that our employees’ families are a priority. At any given time, you might find someone’s son or daughter cruising the halls as their mom or dad gets some work done.”

Fun Things: “In addition to the normal holiday parties, which all feature copious amounts of food and an open bar, we have quarterly company-sponsored events; this past year, they included a mountain hike, a roller-skating party, a bowling party and many others. Our next scheduled event is a southern-themed after-work party that will feature a live blues band and home cooking, including red beans and rice, jambalaya and the like.” – Ryan Kaback, partner