Power 50: No. 7 Gene Geiger & Jo-an Lantz, Geiger

Welcome to the 2017 Power 50 list, which ranks the most influential people in the industry.

#7: Gene Geiger & Jo-an Lantz, Geiger (asi/202900)

2016 Rank: 8



Title: CEO

Title: COO/EVP

Industry Experience: 44 years

Industry Experience: entire career

Birthplace: Newark, NJ

Birthplace: Lewiston, ME

Geiger might be a 140-year-old company, but under these executives the firm has become both forward-looking and progressive. Its sales partners are noticeably younger and more diverse – a credit to Geiger and Lantz – and its Lewiston headquarters is now 100% powered by a solar array, significantly cutting CO2 output annually.