Power 50: No. 50 Jim Hagan & Kellie Claudio, Sweda Co.

Welcome to the 2017 Power 50 list, which ranks the most influential people in the industry.

#50: Jim Hagan & Kellie Claudio, Sweda Co. (asi/90305)

2016 Rank: N/A



Title: CEO

Title: SVP Sales/Marketing

Industry Experience: 17 years

Industry Experience: 20 years

Birthplace: Fremont, CA

Birthplace: Fairmont, WV

In his second stint at Sweda, Hagan returned to lead the California-based supplier earlier this year. During his previous term, Sweda’s sales were up about 25%, boding well for the future. A talent in her own right, Claudio was the glue that held Sweda together while Hagan was away.