2018 Hot List: Emily Delmarco, City Paper Company

Meet the new stars shaking up the promo market with their ambition, empathy and passion to be the very best.

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Emily Delmarco

City Paper Company (asi/162267)

Emily DelMarco is fun. And not in that disingenuous way, like when you say your co-worker’s vacation photos from the country’s oldest dairy farm look like “fun.” The account executive for City Paper Company in Birmingham, AL, has that kind of upbeat, energetic and infectious personality that makes any activity – maybe even dairy farms – exciting.

“I try not to take myself too seriously,” she says. “I refuse to grow up, and I think that’s totally OK. It’s important to have fun with what you do.”

DelMarco may like to play hard, but she works hard, too. In her four years with City Paper Company, she’s become a vital marketing consultant for her customers. “Clients today want and expect you to take a consultative approach to marketing,” she says. “You can’t show up selling pens from a trench coat or mugs from the trunk of your car. You need to be more than an old-school salesperson. It’s not just about pushing product anymore.”

That strong work ethic has served her well, and DelMarco has worked with many of City Paper Company’s biggest clients. “One of the most interesting projects we have is with Man Van Dog Blog,” a blog maintained by Joe Hawley, a retired NFL center who played with the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hawley wanted to expand his blog into a lifestyle brand, but didn’t know where to start. “We helped him find products that tied into his brand, like high-quality T-shirts and dog bandannas,” DelMarco says.

The excitement in DelMarco’s voice when she talks about her work is unmistakable. “I have the best job in the world,” she says. “I get to talk about fun stuff with different people every day. I love what I do.”

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