Top Quotes From Social Media

Jack Welch, author of The Real Life MBA, via a post on LinkedIn titled Six Secrets to Success at Work

“The thing about failing – because you will fail if you take risks – is that you realize you don’t die. You just pick yourself up and keep going – and how fast you get back on the horse says a lot about you.“

Deepak Chopra, Founder of the chopra Foundation, Via a Linkedin Post Titled Seven Secreats To Leading a Group

“Build trust. All groups need to know that their leader is loyal and supportive. If a leader is just passing through on his way up the ladder, the group responds accordingly. The best leaders take their cohorts with them as they rise to the top.“

Rosabeth Moss Kanter,Harvard Business School professor in a blog post on

“A sense of humor is an under-rated tool for entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. Creative leaders unlock ingenuity and build support for change by lightening up. They are willing to consider new possibilities that seem absurd, even ludicrous, at first. They shake up thinking as though shaking a kaleidoscope, allowing surprising new juxtapositions to emerge.“

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square, via his Twitter feed @jack

“I appreciate & respect people who depart from their strengths and take on new challenges.“


Facebook Feedback

#NationalHighFiveDay was in April. Who would you like to give a virtual high-five to?

  • Jen Jezierski My boss, Bridget Dahlgren. She’s awesome and gives me the freedom to be super creative while staying in the brand standards.
  • Mercedes Nagel Murtaugh My husband Patrick for being sucked into the family awards business, continuing to work his full-time job, and helping to expand the awards business.
  • Angie Gallo Mike Zingale from aakronline. Because he gets the job done.
  • Kristine Shreve Erich Campbell - he’s a great supporter of EnMart, shares his knowledge and supports the industry.
  • Erich Campbell Thank you so much! I’d like to return that high-five to Kristine Shreve. She's consistently out there providing solid information and she’s helped many of us with products, projects and samples from EnMart to advance our businesses.


Twitter Feed

Selection of Tweets from the #promoproducts page

  • @summitmg Give your water a splash of flavor and some personality with an #InfuseH2O bottle! #promoproducts
  • @4imprint Our digital magazine, amplify, provides a look at real-life ways for using #promoproducts
  • @CrawfordInd Branding Tip: Local schools need easy to carry totes for school projects and fundraisers. #promoproducts
  • @TheMagnetGroup Patriotic #promoproducts are popular this time of year! Red, white & blue can work for you!

Selection of Tweets from the #smallbusiness page

  • @sarahklenkeHow clever are your #marketing ads?Your #smallbusiness should stand out to potential #customers!
  • @mikefjean If you’re not right, your business will never be. Get your mind right. #personaldevelopment #smallbusiness #entrepreneur
  • @LSDCoach Survey: Millennials Want In-Store Mobile Payments, Not Human Cashiers #Marketing #Smallbusiness
  • @FaithBusinessBu Make a point to support businesses that have real integrity & who take pride in doing what’s right. #smallbusiness #integrity