Top Quotes From Social Media

“Become better at firing than hiring – it’s crucial for building a business”
ABC’s Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran via her Twitter feed  @BarbaraCorcoran, in response to a question about what makes an entrepreneur successful today

“One of my fantasies is that philanthropy becomes the future of marketing. Use your marketing budget for something good and you will end up with something more.”
Danny Rosin, president of distributor firm Brand Fuel, in a post on his LinkedIn page

“Leadership is not about you; it’s about them. Prove you get that by celebrating the best in others.”
Suzy Welch, author of The Real-Life MBA, in a Twitter(@SuzyWelch) response to a question about how employees can be leaders within a company

“Three common-sense rules of effective leadership: Be authentic; trust your instincts; and perhaps most importantly, don’t act like a jackass.”
Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, via his Twitter feed @JeffWeiner

Linkedin Connection

Select responses to a post that reads: The best way to kill an idea is to take it to a meeting.
  • Steen Winther People often like to kill great ideas just because it is NIBM (Not Invented By Me).
  • Tony Hopkinson Some ideas turn out to be not all that clever when you involve all those affected. Some turn into bigger ideas than you thought. Meetings are only a problem when their goal isn’t to ascertain these two things.
  • Tunde Musa I see the sense in the post. Psychology has it that the more people let you in on an idea, the less the enthusiasm to carry it out because of  pessimists and adversaries.
  • Jeff Weiner Unless it’s a meeting where you are communicating the decision to pursue the idea, assign clear accountability, and define measurable objectives, in which case you actually have a chance to make it happen.

Responses to this post: Just because you have power, doesn’t mean you have to act like it.

  • Mayte M. Fernandez Powerful people don’t need to show off. When you know who you are, you’re humble and grateful.
  • Philip Penaluna Power can be so very dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • David Capel Ask, don’t tell. Lead from the front, don’t instruct from the back.
  • Martien De Groot Use your power, but do not misuse it, even when you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Sagar Morakhia Similary, just because you don’t have power, doesn’t mean you have to act like you don’t have it.

Twitter Feed

Selection of Tweets from the #promoproducts page

  • @JackNadel It’s my chief mission at 91 to share insights for entrepreneurship.
  • @kimgarst You were born to be real, not perfect.
  • @JonCClark Promote your school with a USA drawstring backpack.
  • @Hennesseyedit Entrepreneurship changes you, but, in most ways, it changes you for the better.
  • @ProNetworkBuild “Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push.” – Joann Thomas
  • @eldeflecto Aim high in your #branded apparel. Become their favorite shirt in their closet. #HotSwag
  • @CatClifford In personal life and business, your reputation is always worth more than money.