6 Must-Haves For Your Home Page

Here are six elements your home page can’t do without.

1. Specialty
When visitors first arrive at your site, let them know they’re in the right place by having “promotional products” or “branded merchandise” front and center. If visitors aren’t sure after only about three to 10 seconds, they’re likely to head somewhere else – most likely to a competitor’s site.

2. Photo
Have a personal photo or a collage of staff photos just under your company name and specialty. It gives the site (and by extension the company) a personal look, and visitors are assured they’re working with flesh-and-blood people who want to see them become satisfied customers.

3. Contact
Give visitors plenty of ways to contact you, including phone, email, social media platforms and Live Chat if possible, and keep this information across the top of the page. It gives the company legitimacy and assures visitors their queries will be answered quickly, especially if they’re buying promotional products at the last minute.

4. Testimonials
Have positive customer reviews on the home page, including brief commentary and a visual such as gold stars, and run a few on each page within the site. Don’t just have a running list on a separate Testimonials page, since most visitors won’t bother going there. Include the satisfied customers’ companies too, so you can show visitors the versatility of your services.

5. Products
Provide visual examples of the products you can offer clients. Whether it’s e-commerce where customers can buy instantly or flat shots of recent projects, visitors want to know immediately if your work is a good fit for their needs. Product examples are a great way to keep visitors’ attention and initiate the flow of ideas.

6. Blog
Have a blog page that’s easily navigated to with a tab across the top of the home page. Provide informational content on the blog that visitors will find useful, while also using strategic keywords throughout the entries to boost your SEO performance and subsequently rank higher on search engines.