8 Tips for a Great Showroom

Want your promotional products showroom to stand out from the crowd? Follow these great tips.

Stock With Clients in Mind.

Fill the space with proven best-sellers and new items that you expect will appeal to your particular customers and desired prospects. If you do a lot of business in a certain niche, be sure to feature products that sell well in that market. Work with construction companies and manufacturers? Yellow safety vests and high-visibility T-shirts, as well as items like workwear jackets, should probably be in your space.

Have a Logical Layout.
It should be easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Product sections must be clearly defined and organized with common sense. If you have an apparel section, for example, group similar items – like T-shirts – together. Display options at different price ranges. Also, place complementary product sections next to each other; scarves, for example, would be well-set next to outerwear.

Include Examples of Real Work.
Consider putting products you’ve produced for current customers in client-specific displays. It will help open buyers’ eyes to the myriad ways you can market their brand.

Regularly Bring in New Products: Many distributors try to cycle in new items quarterly and seasonally, while also incorporating great new products whenever they find out about them.

Partner With Suppliers.
It benefits suppliers if their products are in your showroom. You’ll be promoting their goods to customers, literally putting the items in end-buyers’ hands. Stress these points as you work to procure free and low-cost samples you’ll use to stock your showroom.

Ensure the Space is Well-Lit.
Lighting should highlight and flatter products. Items left to wallow in dimness can look dull.

Make Sure Apparel Looks Good.
Apparel should be wrinkle-free and hung and folded neatly. A crisp look and feel to the wares reflects well on you.

Include Pops of Color in the Décor.
Strategic backlighting and coordinated bright color touches in floors, carpets and walls can add energy and set a cheery atmosphere. The good vibes help sales.