4 Tips for Better Organic Reach

Master Keywording:
SEO keywords are the important words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site.

A highly optimized site is filled with keywords that potential customers would use to search for the products and services you provide. A combination of common-sense deduction and simple online research can help determine the best keywords to include. (See video sidebar for more.) Consider featuring keywords related to your local area, markets you target, and particular types of products your customers typically purchase. Similarly, include long tail keywords, which are keyword phrases with at least three words that are quite specific. Instead of just keywording “promotional products,” get more targeted with “branded sport bottles in Austin, TX.”

Feature Videos:
Populating your site with relevantly titled and tagged videos can boost search rankings. Indeed, various studies show that videos help lead to significantly better organic page ranks and click-through rates than simple text. Therefore, create quality videos with content that appeals to your customers.

Have a Blog & Update It:
A blog allows you to deliver useful and interesting content to buyers. It’s also a boon to your SEO efforts if you update the blog frequently and consistently. Search engines shy away from static sites, preferring sites where new content is often added. A blog gives you a mechanism for continually delivering fresh content.

Start a Google My Business Account:
This free business listing on Google allows you to upload pertinent information about your company. It also increases the likelihood that you’ll pop up in localized searches related to promotional products.