Tips for a Great Eye-Catching Statement Piece

Combine lace, satin and rhinestones to make an eye-catching statement.

Bling is always in, and is still hot at retail and on the runway. It’s a great option for creating cost-effective and eye-catching designs, like the one that Tami Cimperman, the “sparkle-nista” at Foxyware (asi/87605), creates for clients in many industries.

Q: What techniques did you use in the design, and why do they work well together?
Tami Cimperman: We combined lace, satin and rhinestones into an eye-catching design. These are all high-impact techniques and create an attractive look that’ll get noticed.

Q: Who was this design created for?
TC: We’ve used this combination in many markets, including casinos, destination gift shops, motorcycle brands, liquor companies, cheer and dance groups, and more. It’s a fun and interesting look that’s popular in just about every market.

Q: What equipment and materials were used to decorate this shirt?
TC: We cut the materials with a laser and then combined them onto one transfer. There’s no need to press and register one transfer over another. It’s very easy to apply: Simply peel and place the transfer onto the desired item, and press with a heat press at 350 degrees for 12 seconds. We also do this work for decorator clients, and we supply the completed imprinted garments.

Q: Please share some takeaway tips to ensure smooth production and selling.
TC: Yes! First, the design needs to be simple. Complex designs are difficult. Clients can email the logo or design to cs@foxyware.com, and our design team will confirm if the logo will work.

• To help seal the deal with your end-client, try sending out a virtual sample of the design.

• Consider all the different specialty materials you can use in your custom multimedia transfer. Glitter, foil, rayon, chenille, brocade foil and mesh foil all provide a unique look.