How To Improve Your Sales Presentation

Advice for sharpening your job skills.

1 Tailor the Pitch
One size (or presentation) doesn’t fit all. Make your pitch as relevant as possible to your prospect. Bring a few product samples, not a random box of stuff. Explain why the products you brought can specifically help market your client’s brand.

2 Get to the Point
Long is boring. A shorter presentation encourages engagement. Make your points concise. A good formula: a couple stories, a few numbers, a lot of focus on customer needs. Allow time throughout the presentation for questions instead of waiting until the end.

3 Choose Info Carefully
Don’t overwhelm customers with product info. Focus on your customers’ goals, and present advice. Be clear about what you’ll be delivering and how your promotional plan offers great ROI.

4 Use Tech Wisely
Prezi and Keynote are in, PowerPoint is not. That said, don’t overdo flashiness. Avoid cursive fonts, busy backgrounds and complex graphics. A couple animations might look nice, but too many get distracting. Embedded videos are great, but make sure your clips work across different formats.

5 Smile Already
We’re all experts at reading body language, so pay attention to what you’re projecting. Smile, sit with good posture and don’t cross your arms. Look prospects in the eye – it shows confidence. Also, put your phone away so you’re not tempted to check emails or texts.

6 Practice
Find a mirror and watch yourself present. Ask a coworker to critique you or use a video camera to identify areas you need to work on. It sounds awkward, but it helps. Also, avoid speaking in a monotone voice. Most importantly, know your information, don’t just memorize.