5 Tips to Selling Quality Items

Some products deserve a spotlight. Here's how to ensure they deserve the hype:

Step 1:
To be a successful distributor, you need to understand that all products aren’t the same. A bunch of items within a category might look practically identical, but they’re not. Take power banks. They can look sleek on the outside, but some will have batteries that are poor quality.

Step 2:
To be sure you’re selling top products, you need to vet suppliers. Don’t be bashful about asking questions. For starters, find out what inks they logo with, what materials they use and where the products are made. If you get rambling, shaky answers, look for a different vendor.

Step 3:
Learn to think like your clients do. For example, if I’m an end-buyer comparing bottles of water, I’d be a little curious about some things. Sure, the bottles might be colorfully logoed and well packaged, but I’d ask: Does the water come from a spring or is it simply purified sewer water? There’s obviously a big difference.

Step 4:
It’s also important to make sure suppliers can prove their claims. If they say a product is truly made in the USA, it needs be sourced and manufactured here. Otherwise, it’s made in the USA with imported parts. That’s less appealing to a buyer and the product’s quality will take a hit.

Step 5:
Finally, ask suppliers if they offer product guarantees. Good companies that sell quality items will stand behind their offerings. If they don’t, it’s a red flag for me. It should be for you, too.