Manage Your Time Effectively

A 5-step guide for those just starting out in promo sales or those looking to boost their productivity.

Step 1
Set and prioritize all goals regarding family, career and health. Delegate minor tasks to others so you can focus on more important goals and responsibilities.

Step 2
Keep a journal of everything you do for two days to see what activities can be eliminated.

Step 3
Assess your peak hours of productivity and do your most important work then.

Step 4
Plan your daily schedule the night before. If you wait until the work day begins, you are wasting time. Every night prior to leaving the office, plan what you are going to do the next day.

Step 5
Do constructive tasks, such as reading reports and/or books or writing business letters, while waiting to see the doctor or boarding a plane. But also use your relaxation time wisely to recharge and improve your focus.