Ensure Your Products Meet ESP Data Standards.

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Your Product Data is Important

ASI® is committed to making sure your product data is widely available to all industry distributors and decorators through ESP® in the timeliest and most comprehensive way possible. For you, having up-to-date, accurate information about your products in ESP increases the likelihood that you’ll get THE PERFECT ORDER without the need for endless emails and calls to get all the information you need to process the order.

ASI wants to work with you to guarantee all of your information is complete. At times, we will clean up data to ensure your products are displayed accurately to all ESP users.


Data Feeds

ESP – Every month, ESP handles more than 2.5 million searches by distributor users who access your product information to create presentations and sales flyers for their clients and prospects. Having accurate and clear product information in ESP means that distributors don’t have to make unnecessary edits when sharing your product with their customers.

DISTRIBUTOR WEBSITES – Your product data merchandises over 20,000 ESP Websites and Company Stores. With over 3.6 million page views monthly, these distributor websites are visited by 700,000+ end-buyers shopping for promotional products. Clear descriptions, up-to date catalog pricing and high-resolution images make your products stand out.

LIVE PRODUCT DATA FEEDS – Representing nearly $1 billion in industry sales, distributor networks like Facilis and Proforma are just a few of the many companies that access your product data via ASI’s live API feed for their own sourcing and company Web stores. Each of these networks depend on you to supply as much product information as possible to help their teams service their customers as efficiently as possible.


We want to help you process orders quickly, deliver great customer service and generate more revenue, so we offer four ways to update your product data:

Make updates automatically.
ASI’s new ESP Direct Connect produces real-time connectivity between ESP and your own product database. Each time you make a change to your database, it instantly updates in ESP.

If you need help integrating ESP Direct Connect into your current system and need some development assistance, our technology affiliates can help.

To learn more about ESP Direct Connect, contact Sharon Pullins at (215) 953-3675 or spullins@asicentral.com.

Import product information.
Email us at DataUpdates@asicentral.com and we’ll send you our ESP Updates Excel template. After you fill it out and email it back to us, ASI will automatically update your products based on the information you provide in the spreadsheet.

Edit product information on your own.
Need to make edits right away? Simply log in to ESP Updates through your supplier Connect dashboard and manage your products. You can add new colors and sizes, adjust descriptions and pricing on existing products. You can also add or delete products. Click here to see our Data Standards to ensure that your products get maximum exposure.

If you need more help from ASI, all you have to do is ask.
Email us at DataUpdates@asicentral.com with detailed information on products you want us to add, delete or edit and we will update it for you.

ESP Data Standards

To help your products be found, shared and ordered by distributors, we’ve set up new data standards for product information in ESP. We’ve created a document that will guide you through everything you need to know. By changing these standards, we are making ESP better for distributors AND suppliers. Our main goals are that ESP contains relevant and complete product details so that your products can be easily ordered.

Click here to view the Data Standards.


When submitting product data to us - help us, help you by providing us with as many details as possible:

New products only:

Send us the complete product information, along with accompanying high-res images. Click here to see our image requirements.

Price Changes only:

Send us your pricing changes and we’ll make those changes for you. Let us know if your pricing is List or Net and make sure to include the applicable discount codes.

Are you able to provide your new pricing in excel format? Let us see if we can import them for you. Or ask your ESP Coordinator for a price export of your product data. Once your updated the export file, processing is quick and easy. Contact us at 215-953-4ESP [4377] or via email at DataUpdates@asicentral.com to request your export copy today.

New images only:

We recommend that existing high-res images be retained whenever possible as they are often tagged with their appropriate attributes and may also be processed so they are virtual sample ready.

If you have new images please be sure to check our image requirements below and upload them to us at https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/ESPupload.

Multiple changes or full review of your product data:

A full review of existing product data can be a time consuming process. By telling us what types of changes you have made to your existing products (i.e. descriptions, new colors, material, imprinting, options, etc.) we’ll know where to focus. The more information you provide, the faster we can complete your update on your behalf!

Send us a list of new products you've added to your product line, along with their corresponding high-res images - so we can prioritize them.

Are there products in ESP that you no longer carry? Provide us with a list of your discontinued items, so we can target them for immediate removal.

Has pricing changed for your existing products? If you can provide us the price changes in excel format – we may be able to import them for you. Or ask your ESP Coordinator for a price export so that you can update the pricing easily.

We recommend that existing high-res images be retained whenever possible as they are often tagged with their appropriate attributes and may also be processed so they are virtual sample ready. If you are adding new color or shape options please be sure to provide the new digital high-res images to us. Be sure to check out our image requirements below and upload them to us at https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/ESPupload.

Catalog Requirements:

  • Maximum file size is 2GB.
  • PDF is the preferred format for catalog pages to ensure the highest quality when these are displayed in ESP for our distributors to browse. We cannot accept .rar or Zoom files.
  • Uploading your catalog to us is easy – when handling your own updates, simply upload your PDF directly into the Catalog & Compliance tab within ESP Updates. Or send it to us to handle the updates on your behalf by clicking here.

Image Requirements:

In order for ASI to visually represent your products on ESP in the best manner, at least one image must be associated with each product or it won’t be active and available to distributors searching ESP. All images must meet the image requirements below:

  • Size (pixels): Recommended 2400x2400; Minimum is 600x600.
  • Resolution: Recommended 300 DPI; Maximum is 600 DPI (better quality images help drive customers to your products).
  • Image aspect ratio (relationship of height to width) must be maintained when re-sizing images.
  • File Types: JPG, PNG.
  • File Size: Maximum 10 MB (any file over 5MB should be compressed).
  • Please put multiple image files in a Zip folder.
  • Make sure the file name for your main image matches the product number, for example, DS154.jpg.
  • Name additional images by product number and color/shape, for example DS154-red.jpg.
  • Images must not contain any marketing verbiage, watermarks or contact information.
  • No images should contain un-authorized trademarks and/or logos without proper authorization. See link for most recent list of logos and trademarks that require authorization: http://www.asicentral.com/unauthorized-logos.
  • Upload both decorated and blank versions of the images. This allows distributors to see examples of the item imprinted and / or create a virtual sample for their client.

When using multiple images, tag the images with attributes like color and shape to ensure the appropriate image displays in search results and increase the likelihood that a distributor views it.


What is Confirming a Product?
Confirming a product means that you are stating that all of the information listed in ESP about the product is correct and you will honor that information through a certain month of a certain year. For example, a product is confirmed through September 2016, this means that you, as the supplier, will honor all of the product information through September 30th of 2016.

Did you know that distributors can filter their product search results for Confirmed Accurate products only? Many do – meaning that non-confirmed suppliers are automatically excluded from potential sales by not displaying the Confirmed Accurate logo.

Can I confirm multiple products at once?
Yes, on the ESP Updates ‘Manage My Products’ page, click on the Bulk Edit dropdown. You can choose to apply the confirmed logo to ‘All Products’ or ‘Selected Products’. Once you’ve selected your products, click on Confirm, choose the date you wish to confirm your products through and click on ‘Confirm All Products’.

Need assistance confirming your products? We’re happy to help! Just reach out to us at 215-953-4ESP (4377) or via email at DataUpdates@asicentral.com.

We’re here, every step of the way.
Our goal is to continue making ESP a robust product database, full of promotional products that are easy for our distributors to find and easy for our suppliers to update! Remember, there are people here to help you use ESP Updates every step of the way.

For assistance please contact us at 215-953-4ESP (4377) or via email at DataUpdates@asicentral.com, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m EST.