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Cell Phone Watch
1. Cell Phone Watch. Make like James Bond and dial and receive calls from anywhere. From JMTek. To order, email
2. Shower Shock. The world's first caffeinated soap offers the ultimate clean buzz. From Think Geek. To order, email
Shower Shock
Imprintable Dog Biscuit
3. Imprintable Dog Biscuit. Pet lovers go bow-wow for large imprintable dog treats. From Yummy Photo. To purchase, email
4. Flower Ballz. Hand-rolled by people with developmental disabilities, these burst into bloom. From PRT Inc. To order, email
Flower Ballz
5. Metal USB Stick People. Shiny, happy alloy USB people jazz up computers. From Sweda. To order, email
6. Billboard. Vinyl messenger bag is custom-made from your old billboards. From Landes. To order, email
7. Footzyrolls. A hot gift for high-heeled women, these roll-up shoes fit in the smallest clutch. From Footzyrolls. To order, email
8. EZ Freeze. This cereal-on-the-go bowl lets breakfast lovers enjoy it anywhere, anytime. From Dard/Tagmaster. To order, email
EZ Freeze
Cruzin Cooler
9. Cruzin Cooler. Ride to the tailgating party on a cooler big enough for a case on ice. From Cruzin' Cooler. To order, email
10. 6-Pack Abs Shirt. Aspiring Arnolds will get a real boost from wearable instant abs. From Pony Xpress Printing. To order, email
6-Pack Abs Shirt
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