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Top 10 Sexiest Valentine’s Day Promo Products

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2012 Top 10 Sexy Products | 2011 Top 10 Sexy Products | 2010 Top 10 Sexy Products

2012 Top 10 Sexy Products

All-natural 'Sex on the Beach' flavored lip balm chapstick
1. All-natural "Sex on the Beach" flavored lip balm chapstick – Voted best tasting and smelling lipstick made in the USA. From Admints & Zagabor (asi/31516).
2. Body wax massage candles - Add a company’s logo to the label. From Adult PromotionalZ (asi/98900).
Body wax massage candles
Chocolate body paint
3. Chocolate body paint - Great addition to a safe sex or intimacy kit or use it to create any romantic promotion. From Adult PromotionalZ (asi/98900).
4. Heart stick people - Handmade stress reliever will jazz up any office promotion. From TargetLine (asi/90640).
Heart stick people
Red push-button-activated light-up ice cube
5. Red push-button-activated light-up ice cube - Colored LEDs shine through clear plastic to light up a nightclub or party promotion. From Alight Promotional Products (asi/34194).
6. Safe sex kit - Designed with the responsible adult in mind, it includes AIDS education guide, latex condom, mints and antibacterial wipes. From Ready 4 Kits (asi/80882).
Safe sex kit
Condom matchbook
7. Condom matchbook - Fun, novel promotional giveaway for clubs, universities, colleges and parties, providing a fun, novel way of promoting. From CCM (asi/47931).
8. The Little Black Book of Sex Toys - A 160-page sophisticated guide to over 50 different toys. From Adult PromotionalZ (asi/98900).
The Little Black Book of Sex Toys
Mood-shifting spray
9. Mood-shifting spray - A blend of organic cocoa butter, clove, cinnamon and fresh ginger to stimulate your senses. From Solar Advertising (asi/88148).
10. Condom-shaped USB flash drive - Suitable for promoting medical companies, condom companies, schools, sex education and novelty gift shops. From New Century Technology (asi/73851).
Condom-shaped USB flash drive

2011 Top 10 Sexy Products

Chocolate Lip Balm
1. Chocolate Lip Balm – Chocolate-flavored SPF-15 lip balm has hempseed oil, beeswax and other natural oils for smooth application. From Custom HBC (asi/47934). For more info, contact 877-442-9881 or email
2. Little Black Book of Sex Secrets - The 160-page book by Dee Flower embraces everything from naughty tips to celebrity sex. From Peter Pauper Press Inc. (asi/77802). For more info, contact 800-833-2311 or email
Little Black Book of Sex Secrets
Edible Bubble Bath
3. Edible Bubble Bath - Edible flavored bubble bath, body sprays and lotions make a fun, romantic intimacy kit. From Z Marketing Group (asi/98900). For more info, contact 800-942-8250 or email
4. Thigh-High Sock - Triple-striped soft knit thigh-length sock is 26" long. From American Apparel (asi/35297). For more info, contact 213-488-0226 or email
Thigh-High Sock
Feathered Bikini Top
5. Feathered Bikini Top - Adjustable Mardi Gras feathered bikini top. From Beistle (asi/39540). For more info, contact 717-532-2131 or email
6. Tongue and Lips Pin - Magnetic flashing tongue and lips pin. From Alight Promotional Products (asi/34194). For more info, contact 888-217-8800 or email
Tongue and Lips Pin
Boy Briefs
7. Boy Briefs - Inspired by the classic men's briefs but made for style-conscious women, these 100% cotton briefs have a comfortable elastic waistband. From Cafe Press (asi/43167). For more info, contact 888-800-4359 or email
8. Sexy Necklace - Queens symbols necklace displays the word "sexy." From OTC/Lauren-Spencer Inc. (asi/74778). For more info, contact 877-852-8736 or email
Sexy Necklace
9. Condoms - Condom in standard foil packaging with discreet matchbook-style packaging. From STOPNGO Line (asi/57655). For more info, contact 800-833-8981 or email
10. Bobblehead - Female bobblehead with dark hair and a purple bikini. The custom dolls are 100% handmade by professional sculptors. From Bobble Head Me (asi/41555). For more info, contact 832-659-8335 or email

2010 Top 10 Sexy Products

Sexy Water
1. Sexy® Water – bottled water with a label that says it all. From Nationwide Springs (asi/73494). Email Regina Warren at
2. Bling Travel Mug - a mirror on the front is pimped with shiny faux gems. From Berney-Karp, Inc. (asi/40261). Item #62-819, and on PromoMart.
Bling Travel Mug
Romantic Evening Intimacy Kit
3. Romantic Evening Intimacy Kit - this pouch has six condoms and flavored lube. From Z Marketing (asi/98900). Item #AP-MK-3. To purchase, contact Vonda Kidd, at 918-835-4330, at TGI Enterprises (asi/340977).
4. Contrast Color Thong - an imprinted hot favorite. From S&S Activewear (asi/84358). Item #Bella 302, and on PromoMart.
Contrast Color Thong
Chocolate Lips
5. Chocolate Lips - wrapped in red foil, it’s chocolate with a twist. From Art CoCo (asi/79975). Item #AC3014, and on PromoMart.
6. Tangle® Love Keychain - the famed toy has a risqué side, with the words “kiss” and heart images on it. From Tangle (asi/90534). Available at
Tangle® Love Keychain
Little Black Book of Sex Secrets
7. Little Black Book of Sex Secrets - a reference with naughty tips. From Peter Pauper Press (asi/77802). Item #38303, and on PromoMart.
8. Sex on the Beach Kit - includes coconut massage oil and drink recipes. From Special Flavors (asi/88574). Item #2122-3. To purchase, call Gina Hartley, at 954-630-8522, with Mark Scot Corporation (asi/261533).
Sex on the Beach Kit
Red Heart USB Drive
9. Red Heart USB Drive - who says you don’t love your computer? From KTI Promos (asi/63776). Item #SP09. To purchase, type "heart USB" in the Quick Search window at (asi/275345).  Also on PromoMart.
10. Silhouette Girl Flashing Pin - if truckers put it on mud flaps, you can wear it. From Alight Promotional Products (asi/34194). Item #10604, and on PromoMart.
Silhouette Girl Flashing Pin
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