Stitches State of the Industry 2012

Overcome E-Commerce Challenges

By Sara Lavenduski

May 2012

Jeff Taxdahl and Erich Campbell, both stitching industry e-commerce experts, share tips for driving past common e-commerce roadblocks.

  • Make sure to protect customers' financial information. "You need to have a secure platform and server if you're going to be taking people's credit card information," Taxdahl says. "PayPal is a great option for smaller businesses."

  • Make your site easy to understand. "There are a host of problems you can have if your site isn't easy to grasp for the average client," Campbell says. "This is especially true of the DIY sites that allow for the customer to set type, add images and so forth. Your customer service has to be ready for this."

  • Consider separate sites. "If you have a lot of different selections, it can easily get confusing for the customer," says Taxdahl. "I would recommend having a separate site for each decoration method. That way you can explain them without having to interweave too much."

  • Market online and offline to drive traffic. "It's not a 'build-it-and-they-will-come' situation," Taxdahl says. "You have to drive people from beyond just your core market to your site."