Stitches State of the Industry 2012

Create A Top-Notch Direct-Mail Campaign

By Christopher Ruvo

May 2012

"Smaller companies need to brand themselves in their perspective markets through promotions just as large companies do," says Frank Ma, CEO of RiCOMA International Corp, who advocates using the various channels available to you – including social media, e-mail and direct mail.

Here are four steps to execute a great direct-mail campaign:

  • Design your campaign around a fun theme, but don't forget to emphasize why distributors should do business with you. How can you help them increase their sales or stand out to their customers? Why should you be their go-to supplier for your product category?

  • Create a multi-part direct-mail campaign. For example, send your targets a postcard, then a lumpy mail package – which is a mail piece that includes a logoed promotional product, perhaps your own – and then a follow-up postcard, e-mails and viral marketing tactics.

  • Include a call-to-action, such as a special offer, discount or free sample, if the prospect contacts you as a result of the direct-mail campaign.

  • Follow up with all of your prospects with a phone call after they've received all of the direct-mail pieces.