4Q 2014, Year-End 2014 Industry Sales Report

Research by Nathaniel Kucsma

In December 2014, ASI® commissioned an exclusive survey to estimate industry sales for Q4 2014. The industry results for 2014 were also included in the study. Invitations went to ASI supplier members who were the primary contact with their firms and had been in business at least one year. The results of this survey will be published in Counselor PromoGram®, on and in multiple external media outlets. 

A total of 113 supplier firms responded to the survey.

Q4 2014 Sales vs. Q4 2013 Sales

  • In total, more than half of suppliers reported a year-over-year increase in fourth-quarter sales.
  • Larger revenue suppliers reported more positive results than smaller ones.

Q4 2014 Sales vs. Q4 2013 Sales

By Supplier Revenue

  • More than half of suppliers reported an increase in year-over-year sales, with about one in seven reporting a decline in Q4 2014 sales compared to Q4 2013 sales.

Change vs. A Year Ago

  • Growth rates in Q4 for suppliers registered a 4.6% increase, statistically unchanged from last quarter.
  • The moving average for supplier year-over-year growth is stable at just over 5%.
  • Suppliers with more than $5 million in annual sales are growing at a faster rate than are those with less than $5 million in sales.

Percent Change

  • Growth rates in for suppliers and distributors showed a slight diversion in Q4 with distributors reporting somewhat greater growth.

Distributors and Suppliers

  • Suppliers with $5 million or less in annual revenues did not experience as strong a year as those with over $5 million in revenues.