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ASI Radio "Run Add-On" Instructions Page

ASI Internet RadioStep-by-step instructions on how to run add-ons to listen to ASI Internet Radio.

How to download MP3s

If you're having problems listening to the Tuesday morning ASI Radio Show, you might need to install an addo-on. How do you know? If your browser is rendering a message in yellow right above the show hosts' heads that says:

"This website wants to run the following add-on: 'Windows Media Player Extension' from 'Microsoft Corporation'. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here ..." (see figure 1)


You want to run this, so simply click the yellow area and you will be asked to run the Active X add-on. Click on that option. (see figure 2)


Once you click this, you will be asked run this control. Click on Run. (see figure 3)


Once the Active X add-on has finished running, shut down your browser and re-open it, then log onto and you'll be able to listen.

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