With four industry magazines and six catalogs to choose from, place your ad in one of our award-winning publications.

ASI Magazines

Enhance your advertising with placement alongside powerful editorial content that delivers news, trends, forecasts and case studies to an influential audience. ASI offers Counselor®, Advantages®, Wearables® and Supplier Global Resource magazines, as well as a bunch of custom publishing solutions.

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Apparel Catalog
Gift Book
Idea Showcase Spring
Idea Showcase Fall

ASI Catalogs

ASI Catalogs give distributors and clients new ideas and countless ways of using promotional products. Did you know that over 75% of active distributors say catalogs are absolutely essential for generating sales? And successful distributors who use them attribute 49% of their sales to the power of catalogs. ASI offers seven catalogs to showcase your products, including The Apparel Catalog, The GiftBook®, Idea Showcase® Spring and Fall, Spectrum® and Spectrum Celebration.

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A full suite of digital solutions to position your products in the digital landscape.

Maximize your digital exposure by leveraging the #1 product sourcing tool in the ad specialty industry.

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ESP Websites
Create demand for your products by reaching corporate end-buyers through ESP Websites.

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EmailExpress is more than a simple email service - it’s a comprehensive program providing in-depth, critical ROI reports on delivery, click forwards and buyer-friendly requests.

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ESP Mobile
The ESP Mobile app is a must-have for every distributor road warrior. Advertise your products on the app that puts the entire ESP database at distributor’s fingertips, allowing them to search, discover and purchase products anywhere.

Learn More is the primary destination for distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry, full of industry news, sales advice, industry trends and market analysis.

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ASI’s E-Newsletters
ASI’s E-Newsletters combine award-winning editorial content with the convenience of digital media. ASI® offers a wide variety of industry-specific, informative e-newsletters we send to different audiences.

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ASI Content Marketing Services
ASI’s Content Marketing Programs offer a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content across our print, digital and social platforms. Let us help you generate leads, nurture relationships and become an industry expert to help you attract and retain your target audience and drive profitable customer action.

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