Catering to man’s best friend is a smart choice for pet stores, vets, kennels, pet insurance companies, dog groomers and municipal dog parks looking to advertise their companies or reward clients. Premium treats, natural food and fashion-forward accessories helped push U.S. pet industry sales to $58 billion in 2011, with sales expected to reach $74 billion in 2015, according to research firm Packaged Facts. Click here for a Joe Show video on today’s hottest pet products and get more details below. Click here for an Advantages story on the burgeoning pet market.

Dog hoodie
Dog hoodie, from American Apparel (asi/35297). This zip-up fleece hoodie even includes a pouch pocket perfect for storing Fido’s treats. And, a notch in the neck allows the human to attach a leash to a dog collar. A great advertising piece for dog walkers.
Leash, collar, ball toy, from Promopet (asi/79698). Kennel clubs and boarding kennels can advertiser their services with a variety of pet products any owner would love. A heavy-duty leash and collar are perfect for morning and evening walks, and the tennis ball pet toy can be given to owners when they pick up their pets following a stay at a boarding kennel. 
Leash, collar, ball toy
Zippered water bowl, collapsible water bowl and waste bags
Zippered water bowl, collapsible water bowl and waste bags, from Handy Products Line (asi/78206). The zippered water bowl and collapsible water bowl are portable and include a clip for hanging from a leash, backpack or belt loop, allowing dogs to stay hydrated no matter where. The pet trash bag container is fun and funky and designed to keep waste bags within reach. The dog-bone-shaped carabiner clip allows users to attach to a leash, belt loop or backpack.
Wrapped biscuits, from A La Carte (asi/30350). Every dog has his day, and when he’s a good boy, well, he deserves a treat. This individually wrapped dog treat is made in the USA and includes all-natural ingredients, perfect as a booth giveaway for any company exhibiting at a pet-related trade show.
Wrapped biscuits
Pet first-aid kit
Pet first-aid kit, from Ready 4 Kits (asi/80882). Essential for any dog owner, kit includes a first-aid guide, tweezers for plucking ticks and thorns, antiseptic wipes, rubber gloves and more. Great thank-you gift for clients of vets and pet insurance companies.
Paw balm, training treats, from Solar Advertising (asi/88148). Paws can get raw, chafed and dry from walking on hot concrete, wet grass, etc. This pad balm soothes and heals, making it a nice gift for vets to give clients. The dog training treats come in a biodegradable tube made of recycled material. Local municipalities with dog parks can use as a promotional item.
Paw balm, training treats
Dog biscuit mix
Dog biscuit mix, from Ingredients Corp. of America (asi/62649). The gift bags include mixes for dog biscuits and dog cookies so owners can whip up tasty treats for four-legged friends. Dog groomers and pet stores can use as a gift with purchase.
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