Essential Kitchen Products

Home is where the promotional product is.

International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)

This Magisso dishwasher-safe cooler (MO-TB70604) will keep a single bottle cool for hours. To begin the cooling process, soak the ceramic in water for a few minutes;

Premiums Plus (asi/79392)

This chalkboard (SIC04) is made of repositionable stock material with a chalkboard coating, which means it can be applied to and removed from any surface without leaving residue behind;

Diversified Quality Kitchenware (asi/50052)

Pizza cutters not only help users slice through dough and cheese, they help realtors cut through the clutter and reach home buyers;

BIC Graphic (asi/40480)

The square Koozie food container (51019) is BPA-free and includes a reusable fork and steam-release lid. Food manufacturers and grocery stores will eat it up;

Pro Towels (asi/79750)

A mandatory product in every kitchen, this tea towel (TEA-1826) is an effective advertising medium. It is flat-woven, hemmed and made of lint-free 100% cotton;

Essef Distributors (asi/52710)

Featuring a silicone ring for easy handling or hanging, the bamboo cutting board (CBS274) affords clients a sizable branding area;