Get Hot Around the Collar with Ties, Scarves

Help clients stand out with attention-grabbing logoed neckwear.

“Neckties and scarves pair well with custom branded shirts or as a stand-alone accessory, while promoting an undeniably professional image,” says Kelly Holmes, vice president of sales for Buffalo Bay (asi/42416).

Holmes advises presenting virtual samples to clients featuring their own logo or branding elements. “It personalizes the program and makes it ‘their’ necktie or scarf versus an abstract idea,” she explains. “Even if the initial virtual design needs to be tweaked, it gets them thinking of neckwear in general, while helping them narrow down their particular vision.”

Target beverage companies, the automotive industry, charitable organizations, corporate events and incentive programs, financial institutions, museums, restaurants, schools and more with promotional ties and scarves.

Chiffon Splatter Floral Scarf (SC60) from Edwards Garment Co. (asi/51752).

Custom-made Silk Scarf from Assertive Creativity LLC (asi/37166).


Bow Tie (BG-1234) from Blue Generation (asi/40653).

Tie designed exclusively for Mizzou ZBT chapter from Branded Apparel Designs (asi/41560)

Scarf from Private Design Wear (asi/79650)


Tie from Private Design Wear (asi/79650)


25" x 66" Custom Silk Chiffon Wet-Dyed Infinity Scarf (C830-INF-725-2560) from Wolfmark (asi/98085)


8" x 45" Custom Wet-Dye Silk Scarf (c830-725-0845) from Wolfmark.