5 Future Pen Features

What does the future look like for the all mighty pen? Counselor consults its crystal ball.

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Plunger: The plunger could be more of a power button, along the lines of light-up pens today. Push it down and it turns on whatever technology is included inside the pen. There may be an integrated port here to charge the pen, or it may even draw power from sources around it, so it never has to be charged.

Barrel: It’s what’s inside that counts. The barrel might have a tiny computer inside that records what you’re writing and instantly sends the text wherever you need it to be – perhaps through a tiny touchscreen interface on the pen itself.

Tip: The evolution of the pen tip will be a fluid one, designed to match whatever type of ink – or lack thereof – becomes the new writing method. This potentially means the tip could be interchangeable as future pens take on more and more functions.

Ink: This’ll be a thing of the past. Future pens will write with a 3-D medium (similar to the 3Doodler already on the market) or with a streak of light that sustains in the air.

Paper: Something to write on will no longer be necessary either – we’ll be able to write in the space in front of our faces and wipe it away with a swipe of our hand.