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The Power of the Pen, 'King of Queens' Style

"What's this, your company logo? It's quite a handsome pen."

And so begins Arthur Spooner's education on the value of promotional products. In this 'King of Queens' clip, Jerry Stiller, who plays Arthur Spooner from the hit sitcom, pits two pudding companies against one another for his business, with the victor ostensibly the one who provides the best "goodies" – in this case, an attractive pen.

“Perks! Swag! Start wooing me,” Spooner screams at an incredulous salesman.

Of course it's a funny take, but the message is clear: Not only are pens a useful item, but they offer great brand recognition. And because they are inexpensive, they also provide great value – the average cost per impression for pens in the U.S. is a tenth of a cent! Watch the YouTube clip below.