Web Exclusive

Selfies And Cereal Combine

Breakfast is the most important part of the day, so it only makes sense that you would want to share that experience on social media. 

Thanks to the cereal brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch, now you can.

The General Mills Company has announced a new product called the "selfie spoon." Yes, it's exactly what is sounds like. A spoon that is attached to a selfie stick.  Since most of us can't go 10 minutes without snapping a selfie, it only makes sense that we use this wacky product to get the perfect "enjoying a bowl of cereal.  #SelfieSpoon" shot. 



The stick extends over 30 inches, is available in one color, and has a remote. The product is free, just pay for shipping and handling.

Unlike the industry's popular selfie stick, these are currently allowed at places like Disney, music venues, and during the Pope's visit to the United States. Make sure to get yours before they are banned.   

Check it out here: