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WEE Continues Legacy of Women’s Empowerment

For the 8th consecutive year, the WEE (Women’s Empowerment Event) gathered together some of the most influential women in Canada’s promo industry, with companies from BrandAlliance, Genumark, Brand Blvd, Debco, Gemline, Polyconcept and Spector, among others, in attendance.

“WEE was a great event this year,” said Clearmount’s Kate Plummer. “I feel with every year we just get stronger. It’s an amazing space to connect with other suppliers and distributors on a unique level. We move from being competitors and clients to friends and colleagues. It’s a fantastic space to build relationships and work on professional growth together. I truly credit a lot of my success to the powerhouses that I connect with at this event!”

Held at the Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute in Toronto from October 13-14, the event featured speakers on such topics as how to authentically self-promote with confidence, how to optimize your social media and how great leaders can become even better coaches. Known for its robust networking opportunities, this year’s event did not disappoint, as the after dinner entertainment featured group karaoke, led by PCNA’s Jen Carver, herself a professional singer.

“This year’s event also featured a special tribute to Clearmount’s Rosalind Plummer, a stalwart supporter of the event who passed away suddenly earlier this year. “As the Chair of the PPPC WEE program since its inception and with the magnificent co-chair Ann Baiden this year, along a wonderful creative and spirited committee and our valued-added sponsors, this WEE event was the best program ever delivered, based on comments received back from the participants,” said Carol DeVille, owner of the distributor The Branding Company, former chairperson of PPPC and its 2017 Hall of Fame inductee. “What’s incredibly powerful is the opportunity to have such a group of truly dynamic leaders from both the supplier channel and the distributors, collectively learn, share and network over a two-day period. The variety of speakers this year shared truly applicable tools to each individual and enormous take-homes that could be applied within their own companies, their peers and within their day-to-day lives.”

DeVille notes that this year’s event brought loyal attendees and new faces to WEE. “We were joined by small, medium and large suppliers and distributors – all working as one, which is truly fantastic. There is a tremendous amount of work that happens behind the scenes in order to deliver a seamless event, and the 2017 Committee were absolutely superb, dedicated and committed to creating an unbelievable experience for the attendees. Hats off to all the attendees ... you make the difference, you are our industry, you are the leaders of today and you will make effective changes for tomorrows.”

Cindy Puritt, Regional Business Development Manager for Debco, concurred. “WEE is a great event filled with professional development, lots of laughs, long-lasting friendships and great swag.”

PPPC’s 2018 Women’s Empowerment Event will take place in May; for questions regarding attendance and sponsorships please contact Tiffany Moniz at or Carol DeVille at For photos of this year’s event, go to