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Dan Marino Reveals Source of His Legendary Confidence

In an exclusive podcast, ASI speaks with NFL Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino, the Keynote speaker at the ASI Show in Orlando early next year. One of the greatest quarterbacks in football history, Marino played for the Miami Dolphins for 17 seasons and shattered numerous league records. Marino credited learned confidence as playing a huge role in his successful career.

“You develop confidence over time from when you’re a kid, and you find something in life that you love and want to be,” says Marino, who names his father and Dolphins coach Don Shula as two of his role models. “Performance is key. For me, it was performance through high school, college and the professional ranks with the Dolphins, and it’s like anything – the more you do something, the more success or confidence you have. You’re learning all through that process. The real thing is, you get confidence through your performance. And people will have confidence in you, for example, in the league and the NFL if you perform at a high level. That’s probably the best way to set examples.”

Since his retirement in 1999, Marino has served as a TV studio analyst for CBS and HBO and a special advisor for the Dolphins, and has also held equity partnerships in numerous business ventures. Since he left the game, much has changed with how the NFL is officiated and played due to heightened concerns about player safety, and Marino is supportive of those measures. “Roger Goodell and the NFL have taken the steps to help player safety. It’s important, especially as you see guys get older, and some of the things that might affect their lives, that there’s a way you can prolong that or stop that,” says Marino, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005. “The NFL has to do everything in their power to do that. You also have to realize that football is a violent game; it’s a collision game. As far as the rules and the way the game is set up now, it’s in a position to really help player safety.”

Marino also reveals the number one thing that makes businesses succeed, how to bring a team mentality into the workplace and other ways the NFL has changed since he was on the field.

In the ASI Show Orlando Keynote, Life of a Hall of Famer: On and Off the Field on January 20, 2017, Marino will discuss the work ethic that helped him to excel in football, and his perspective on leadership, team building and setting goals. To listen to the podcast, click below. 

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