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Bag Charges Causing Chaos In Britain

In an attempt to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags in the environment, England recently introduced a 5p charge for each one, leading some to wonder: Why pay when you can find other less costly alternatives? 

And with that thought, a new trend emerged with users taking to social media to admit it might be cheaper to just pinch a cart than pay for the bags. 


For those of us across the pond, a charge for single-use plastic bags is nothing new, with some places even banning them completely. Last year California became the first state to ban them from grocery and convenience stores, and since then the list has grown to include other states and major cities across America.

However, instead of stealing carts from stores most Americans have opted for the safer alternative of purchasing branded totes, which is not only better for the environment, but great news for our industry as it provides an opportunity to sell more reusable promotional bags.

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