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Whole Foods’ John Mackey: How To Discover Your Company's Higher Purpose

In an exclusive podcast, ASI speaks with John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, Inc. Named Esquire’s “Most Inspiring CEO,” Mackey will be the Keynote speaker at the ASI Show in Dallas early next year. Mackey transformed his vision for a natural and organic supermarket into a $16 billion Fortune 500 company, attributing his success to discovering Whole Foods’ higher purpose and developing a corporate culture to achieve it.

“The culture should be an extension of the purpose of the business,” says Mackey. “Secondly, it is essential that the leadership walk the talk. It’s important that the senior most leadership buy into the culture and lead by example because people will pay more attention to what you do and how you live than what you say. Then when you have those things, you’re going to want to design the structures, processes and activities of the business to reflect that type of culture that you want to create.”

In the ASI Show Dallas Keynote, Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Leadership on February 3, 2017, Mackey will discuss the concept of conscious capitalism, why it’s the greatest value creator for society and how discovering a company’s higher purpose can influence stakeholder integration, leadership and performance. To listen to the podcast, click below.