Web Exclusive

Top 10 Promotional Products Tweets of the Week - November 18, 2016

I'm back for my 10 fave tweets of the week from our industry and beyond! From Poo-Pourri to Winnie the Pooh, these tweets don't stink! If you missed the last edition, you can read them here. And as always, if you want your tweets included for consideration, tweet at me at @asicentral and I will add you to a list.

Number 10: Poo-Pourri

The poop puns are aplenty at this company whose No. 1 product is hiding the smell of No. 2. How apro"poo".

Number 9: The ASI Show

Our friends over at the ASI Show put together this cool little graphic promoting next year's Roadshow. And they used the Promo Car!

Number 8: Danny Rosin

Danny seems to always make my Top 10 list, and it's because of content like this. I suspect this is exactly how I will be when my daughter hits her teen years.

Number 7: Murphy78

I love trending topics on Twitter. How else can you explain this gem I found, which takes a shot at the movie "Independence Day" and its shoddy plot.

Number 6: Eryn McCabe

Did I mention I love Twitter trends? This one from Eryn McCabe is just so good. (See what she did there?)

Number 5: Brand Fuel

At the Internet Summit in Raleigh, swag is more than just freebies! And, like our friends at Brand Fuel, I'm totally cool with that.

Number 4: Perfect Imprints

Instead of boring old text, Perfect Imprints put their relevant and timely question in a vibrant graphic. So ... what are you thankful for?! (Me? I'd have put "coffee" in there. And maybe "cat videos" too.)

Number 3: Cindy W Morrison

Do I really need to explain why this tweet is so good?

Number 2: CJ Mittica

Look at my boy CJ doing some internet sleuthing on the Gildan-American Apparel deal! Well done, CJ.

Number 1: Glen Karpowich

My co-worker Glen tweeted this brilliant post-Election Pooh-Piglet meme. It's over, now let's all go back to being drinking buddies!