Tech Edge - Off The Grid Jacket

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What Is It?

SCOTTeVEST’s Off The Grid Jacket (OTG) is teched-out for digital-age movers and shakers who value extreme efficiency, especially when traveling. The big ‘wow’ feature is that it has two front panels that can hold a full-size laptop.

Machine-washable, the OTG is nano-treated for water and stain resistance. But you’ve heard that type of stuff before. What makes this jacket so unique is its 29 thoughtfully engineered pockets. Those pockets include the laptop space, plus a PadPocket for holding a tablet and two interior Clear Touch pockets for smartphones. There’s also an RFID-blocking pocket where users can place credit cards and passports. Finally, the jacket features an internal conduit system so wearers can run headphone wires out to their ears, avoiding tangling. The conduits also connect devices to battery packs for on-the-run charging.

Price Tag





Why You’ll Like It
Clearly, there are efficiency and security benefits to the OTG. You don’t have to lug around a laptop bag or tablet case. Your phone and cards are safe. Still, when you hear about the OTG’s pockets and laptop panels, do you picture a jacket that looks like an astronaut suit? If so, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, this 100% nylon ripstop quilted jacket does a decent job of wedding function with fashion. You’re going to look on-trend whether hiking, heading to a client meeting, or hot-footing it through the terminal to catch a flight.

Why You Won’t
With all those devices and wires and pockets, you might feel a bit like a cyborg. Of course, SCOTTeVEST emphasizes that the jacket doesn’t bulge and bump when loaded with devices. That said, some people may still feel overloaded. Also, there’s no accounting for taste, so if the quilted look isn’t your thing, then you’re out of luck. The color options are limited too: Black or blue for men, plum or black for women. Most disappointingly, petite women are forced to miss out on some of the fun: The small and extra small female sizes lack the laptop stowage feature.

Our Advice
Do you travel by plane or train? Is your laptop a big part of your mobile office? Do you just really dig techy wearables? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the OTG could be for you. It’s a chunk of change at $215, but the quality construction means the jacket is likely to last a long time. Plus, we think there’s a certain cachet to the OTG. Picture it: You get to the meeting with your client. You shake hands. Then you reach into your pocket and pull out a laptop for your presentation. Boom – instant dialog! You know you’re going to get questions about the jacket. And that’s a good thing.


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